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5 Must-Download WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation


WordPress is one of the most robust and flexible CMSs out there. This is because of the selection of free and paid plugins that you can choose from to achieve your business goals.

One way of using your WordPress-charged site is to increase leads. Thankfully, there are lots of helpful plugins to boost your lead generation process. This is fortunate because, “79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance. (Source: MarketingSherpa).”

Through the many plugins available, you can have more and than one way to reach out to your potential customers and engage with them. Below are the best of the best:

Thank Me Later

thank me later

Commenting on blogs is a great way formarketers and other bloggers to build relationships online. As the blog owner, you can boost your relationship building efforts by using this plugin. Once users have commented on your blog, they will receive an automated message using the e-mail you indicated on yourcomment. You can edit the message they will receive so you can include links to your landing pages and sign-up forms.

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Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

subscribe to comments reloaded

Upon setting up the plugin properly, peoplecan register to receive updates on the comments sectionand view comments they haven’t replied to yet. The comments will be saved on your dashboard. You can then use the database to see which blog posts they commented on the most and send them a personalized e-mail to your products or services.


MailPoet A newsletter plugin for WordPress

If you have e-books or white papers available for download, then use this plugin to gain something in exchange to your free digital goods. Setting this up correctly, you can create a sign-up form thatuserswill have to fill out in order to receive a link of the e-book to their e-mail. If you don’t have digital goods up for grabs, you can set up a blog newsletter instead so people can receive updates ofyour blog straight to their e-mails.


Leadin Free WordPress CRM Lead Tracking Plugin

Track your lead generation campaigns much more effectively and efficient by using this plugin. Once you have acquired leads using the tool’s pop-up feature, its dashboardwill provide data on how the lead was discovered, the specific content thatthe lead foundyour site, traffic sources, and more. The plugin will also automatically finduseful informationabout your potential customers such as social media, work history, and company info, among others, and sync to your e-mail marketing platform.


OptinMonster Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin

If you want irresistible opt-in forms that are easy to create and edit and won’t require youto write a line of code, then this plugin’s for you. Unlike other opt-in form plugins, this one has a smart targeting feature in which the form will appear on specific pages on your site or after users perform a specific action on your site, as well as A/B testing.

Honorable mention:If your lead gen team communicates using GMail, a cool non-WordPress tool to use isGrexIt. This lets youadd labels to emails that you want to share to your team so you don’t have to forward each one. You can also add shared notes on email conversations and create email based workflows, among other features.

Question: Do you know any other WordPress plugins out there that can help your lead generation campaigns and increase signups? Let us know by commenting below!

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