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5 WordPress Plugins for a Mobile-Friendlier Blog


Google is cracking down on mobile-unfriendly sites.

The search engine sent a warning on Google Webmasters Tools to site owners who have mobile ranking issues. This new algorithm has hit the news as early as November but will take shape in the coming weeks and months.

The age of mobile has arrived and it’s only growing stronger. According to this free guide from Smart Insights, mobile devices have outgrown desktop computers in Internet usage in 2014.

These reasons should empower you to set up a mobile-friendly version of your blog.

If you have a WordPress blog that still needs to be optimized for mobile viewing, use the plugins listed below.



This free plugin offers a vast array of features to supercharge your blog. One that optimizes your blog for mobile viewing is the Mobile Theme feature.

By activating the Mobile Theme, you can either (a) show the excerpts or the full content of your blog posts on the homepage or (b) show a link at the footer of the page to the mobile-friendly version.

You can customize the header and background of your blog’s mobile version.

WP Touch

Create a beautiful mobile version of your WordPress site.

This paid plugin lets you choose from different WPtouch themes, all which loads 5x faster than a responsive blog design. WP Touch also gives you access to extensions that increase the mobile viewing experience such as Infinity Cache,  Responsive Images, Mobile Content, and more.

For a WordPress blog, you can buy a WP Touch license worth $59. If you own many blogs and website, you can order a license bundle at a higher price.

WP Mobile Detector   WordPress Mobile – WordPress Mobile Themes – WordPress Themes

For $50, you can install this plugin to customize a mobile version of your blog.  The plugin also has 10 mobile themes to choose from that fit your brand.More importantly, your mobile-friendly blog will be shown on more than 5,000 devices.

More importantly, your mobile-friendly blog will be shown on more than 5,000 devices. WP Mobile Detector will show the version that best appears on each device. It automatically formats blog content and layout to fit any screen size. The Advanced Mobile Statistics will track blog visitors and mobile bots to see how much traffic you’re drawing with your mobile theme.

WP Mobile Edition

WordPress › WP Mobile Edition « WordPress Plugins

This plugin lets you create a speedy and lightweight version of your blog without compromising its design. It will adapt to any kind of device that shows your blog. Whether the device is in vertical or horizontal position, the nTheme feature will show the correct version of the blog.

You can set up the mobile version to load in two ways: (1) once visitors go to the blog or (a) once visitors enable the mobile version from the desktop version that loads on their device.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

WordPress › WordPress Mobile Pack « WordPress Plugins

The plugin’s basic version will allow you to create a customized version of your blog for mobile viewing. The Premium version will give you access to unlimited content resources, themes, and applications.

Do you know other mobile-friendly plugins for a better viewing experience of your WordPress blog?

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