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WordPress Plugins: Monetizing WordPress

Lorelle, as usual, puts together an all encompassing post on the WordPress plugins you can use to monetize your blog.
Covering everything from adding Adsense ads to adding ads to RSS feeds there is a wealth of information in this one post.

There are a lot of ways you can add ads to your WordPress blog. As part of my month long series on WordPress Plugins, I thought I’d take a glimpse into WordPress Plugins that help you monetize your WordPress blog.
WordPress Plugins that add ads to your blogs may assign advertising blocks to specific areas, or allow you to customize where they appear. Others will automatically inject them between blog posts or within the post content itself.

I haven’t tried most of these plugins myself, but I am thinking of giving a few of them a go in order to better monetize a few of my own blogs. Big thanks for Lorelle for organizing such a post.