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WordPress Podcast: Episode 10

An episode that links to a story on BloggingPro. How cool is that? Well, episode ten of the WordPress Podcast is finally here, and Charles pushes another great episode out.
The episode is now split into three parts, the first being news, the second being plugins and the third being feedback and other details. With me posting it now, there have already been over 500 listeners.
The news topics covered include:

1. The migration to Fuzzy Hosting is finished and it was mostly painless.
2. allows unlimited users on private blogs for $35US annually.
3. Blogging Pro beats me to an interview with Matt Mullenweg.
4. blog now uses WordPress.
5. 7 essential WordPress hacks series at

I am looking forward to Episode 11, and Charles, remember, if you ever need a hand…I am definetly interested, even if it’s just editing the “um’s” out of the audio. Check out Episode 10 on WP-Community and don’t forget to fill out the survey for a chance at at getting Mint, a popular statistics program.