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WordPress Podcast: Episode 17

Charles and I get together again for another edition of the WordPress podcast. We had a hard time getting together to do this one, but we hammered it out, and it went well. We have a new intro voice over, so have a listen.
This time we cover things like:

  • There’s discussion that there’ll be a 120 day turnaround between 2.1 and 2.2.
  • There’s also a rumor that when the employees of Automattic gather in San Francisco this month, they’ll decide on a date for WordCamp 2007.
  • Plug-In: DupPrevent helps you avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content by inserting NOINDEX meta tag in pages that might trigger Google’s duplicate content filters. Also contains a robot.txt file to disallow spider access to files that need not be included in engine’s index.
  • Widget: Nike Plus displays statistics gathered from your Nike+ shoes such as total number of workouts, total distance run, time spent running and an estimate of total calories burned.
  • Plug-In: WP Movie Ratings v1.4 (Updated) allows you to share your movie reviews with your readers along with links to the Internet Movie Database with some nice features, as well..

The episode only runs 26 minutes this time, which means that it should be easy to set aside time for. We have episode 18 coming out soon.