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WordPress Podcast Roundup

So both the WordPress Podcast and WordPress Weekly have put out new episodes this week.
Both talk about WordCamp Dallas, and WordPress 2.5, but in different ways as Charles was one of the key organizers of the event, and Jeff was an attendee.
From the WordPress Podcast episode 39:

I’d intended to release this episode during the week of March 30th, days after it was recorded live at WordCamp Dallas, but problems with the recorded audio prevented doing so. The audio you’ll hear was actually ripped from the video John Pozadzides released, so thanks, John!
Joining me on the dais were Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today, Mark Jaquith of b5media, later Mark Ghosh of Weblog Tools Collection, and later still, Matt Mullenweg of Automattic. Lorelle Van Fossen was nice enough to run around handing the wireless mic around so people could comment and ask questions.

From the WordPress Weekly podcast, episode 12:

Episode 12 of WordPress Weekly went into detail in regards to WordCamp Dallas. Near the end of the show, we delve into WordPress 2.5. We ended up sharing our favorite sessions at the WordCamp event as well as giving our 2.5 upgrade experience.

If you are a WordPress fan, and you aren’t listening to both, you are doing yourself a great disservice.