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WordPress Podcasts Make it to 50 Episodes

I just wanted to take a minute to highlight the fact that three WordPress related podcasts have all made it to their 50th episode in the last month.
The WordPress Podcast comes in first, releasing their fiftieth episode on March 2nd and it was entitled “WordPress 2.7.1 released,, How much do YOU love WordPress?”
Charles Stricklin and Jonathan Bailey continue to bring out episodes of the WordPress related podcast that started it all. My favourite episodes will always be the ones that I was able to be on, as it was a real treat in my WordPress career to have been a temporary co-host, and even a guest co-host on the show.
The second one to make it to the big five-O was WordCast. On April 7th, the released “Our Semi-centennial!”. They had Lorelle VanFossen, Liz Strauss and Jonathan Bailey on the show to celebrate. I have yet to be invited as a guest on WordCast, and am shamed to admit that I don’t consistently listen to their great show, but they have a super strong, well deserved following even without me always listening in.
Lastly, on April 11th, Jeff Chandler and I released our episode, and while Jeff did give the episode a little bit of a special notice, the episode was more about our special guest, Cathy Perkins otherwise known as The WordPress Wizard and so the episode was named “Interview With Cathy Perkins”.
All three shows are continuing to bring information to the community in audio form, and all do it in their own special way. I am happy to see WordPress continue to bring people together beyond just using the same software. WordPress is a community.
Kudos to all those involved with these podcasts. I hope to see you all make it to 100 episodes strong and more.