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WordPress Problem: No Comments for Non-Members

Okay, please don’t laugh at me, or tell me to post in WordPress Support. I have already posted it there, twice.

So, my blog is not taking any comments except those from logged in users. The option for that is not checked, so I don’t know whats going on. I upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4 to try to fix it, but that did not happen. No errors, no settings that look like they need to be changed. Turned off Akismet to see if that’d fix it…no luck. No other comment moderation plugins or systems. Help!?
Oddly it redirects to and shows the front page, when the user is not logged in and comments. While logged in commentor is brought back to the correct page.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
Here are the steps I have taken so far:
Realize comments work for me when I am logged in, but not when I am logged out.
Checked WordPress settings.
-Users must be registered and logged in to comment is unchecked
-Discussion Options Page looks correct
Turned off Akismet
Upgraded WP from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4
Tried using another theme (the default theme)