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WordPress Sucks? I Think Not!

A friend of mine, Mark from, just recently posted a video about WordPress, letting the world know that he thinks it sucks.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it alone and so I made my own video response to his badly sung song.

I mention how it is not WordPress that sucks, but instead WordPress users that don’t keep up to date, manage their plugins, and give time and energy to maintaining the software that runs their blogs. Mark and some people that have commented on his post bring up WordPress’ inability to manage multiple blogs, though I think this is a weak jab at WordPress when you consider WordPress Mu and that multiple installs can be managed through Subversion, like b5media and other blog networks do.
While I do agree that needing to update my blog for security releases isn’t any fun, and sometimes WordPress has to release many versions to “get things right”, I think that WordPress is still superior to most other blogging platforms. I do have to admit that I wish they would find a way to create an upgrade script for security releases and other minor revisions.
If you love WordPress, maybe you could run on over to and let Mark know why it is your favourite blogging software. If you enjoyed my video, check out for more candid content.