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WordPress Theme: BloxPress 2

BloxPress 2 has been called “released” today, as the theme author has decided that v1.5.6 is good enough for most people to use. BloxPress 2 is an AJAX theme where users can move, remove and add elements to the blog they are viewing, as well as hopefully making a system where blog owners can easily customize their blogs. This seems to me like widgets on steriods.

Bloxpress is a theme with an integrated template engine. Allowing you to use the power of drag and drop and AJAX on any available theme. Along with the function to create as many sortable sidebars as you want Bloxpress comes with an own API allowing you and developers to create new “blocks”. That’s where the name comes from. Blocks are small pieces of code (template tags from wordpress or plugins) that can be attached live to any installed template by using the blockmenu or by configuring a layout preset.
Bloxpress is mainly written in Javascript. The codebase is object oriented aswell as highgly extendable allowing me to keep you updated very easily. Since some people browse with Javascript disabled Bloxpress uses the wonderful Behaviour Javascript for gracefully degradation. There is no Inline-Javascript anywhere but the header which makes the system very flexible and easy to integrate. Actually it requires only minor modifications to the template files to make a theme work with Bloxpress.
The Bloxpress API provides a generic AJAX function for your plugin or block project so you don’t have to worry about system internals. Also the markup for creating blocks is very easy and intuitive, using a non-javascript approach. For example: If you want to display your AJAX result in a block, simply add the class “result” to the HTML. Bloxpress will do the rest. These and many other features aim to ease the process of enhancing Bloxpress.

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