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WordPress Theme: BloxPress

It is not ready yet, but it is quickly getting there. A new modular Ajaxified WordPress theme called BloxPress

BloxPress started out as to be yet another theme for my WordPress powered website.
My vision was to have a fully customisable layout like seen on MyYahoo or and maybe some neat effects here and there… On my first attempts I failed badly and thought I will never be able to make it, but then I stumbled over the brand-new Web 2.0 JavaScript.
I began building on it and had such quick success that i could immedietly start to recreate all the common functions within the WordPress loop. The first thing i put in was the drag and drop function and shortly after the expand and collapsing of the list items. Since I had planned to have more features like “just that”, I digged a lot deeper into the code…
While evaluating all the features I had planned to have in my theme, and without doing it intentionally, I created something totally different. The question that had driven me was: “How I should make people become able to customize the complete layout and save it for reuse, when I have a static layout which is loaded every time?”

Check out the Tech Demo (flash required)