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WordPress Theme: Fleur De Lys for WordPress 2.0

Even theme designers need to make a few changes to get their themes ready for WordPress 2.0. One of the major additions needed is a screenshot of the theme, for the Themes area of the Admin panel, but many themes do not have them yet. The designers and developers of Fleur De Lys have fixed up their theme for a fully WordPress 2.0 compatible theme.

For those of you, who have known us for a long time, you remember we did the ‘Fleur-De-Lys’ theme for original WP 1.2 version.
We did a quick conversion of it for WP 1.5 and submitted to the Alex King’s Competition.
We never released this version through this website, for some reasons.
Now I had taken the version we submitted to the competition and improved a lot of stuff in the theme, and also added a screenshot.png, which is a WP 2.0 feature.
Here I am releasing it to all of you.

Jump on over to to grab it.