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WordPress Theme: Fresh

Want a really sexy theme? Check out Fresh, now available for WordPress, the theme is the old design for Bartelme Design.
While it does not look exactly the same as the original, it still holds many of the amazing characteristics that make Fresh, really nice.

This port validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0, it is ready for plugins Gravatar and Brian’s Latest Comments but NOT Widgets-friendly (I dislike Widgets). I’ve tested it with Firefox / IE6 / Safari.
There are few items in the sidebar/bottom area but you can walk a dinosaur there as long as you wish to. And you’ll probably need to change some settings in the admin center in order to get a neat look.
Please know that the structure and usage of WordPress are pretty different from those of Bartelme’s CMS, therefore I thought it would be stupid to make it exactly the same as how his site looked like.

Check it out at iLemoned.