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WordPress Theme: Haizeak v3.0 Released

It seems that the theme creation has slowed down a little for WordPress now that the 2.0 version is out, but atleast people are working on refining their themes to make them work better and look better. Haizeak version 3.0 is now out, and here is what the site says about it:

I’ve added a screenshot for those on WordPress 2.0, and have taken all the plugin/syndication related stuff out the downloaded version so it should work straight away. It’s all pretty basic, and should be dead easy to customise further if you’re like that. The idea of this version was to present the typical blog site arrangement in the smallest possible area whilst keeping the clarity and typography as clean as it was in Haizeak v2.0.
The code has it’s roots in Pool (available from the WordPress site), so before anyone decides to attack me for not coding this in notepad from the ground up, please acknowledge that imitation is a form of flattery.

So head on over to and download a copy.