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WordPress Theme: Hemingway Bright

One of my favorite things about WordPress themes, is that if you don’t like something, change it, and then if you feel really giving, release that change to the world, and that is what Hemingway Bright is.

Hemingway is a simple weblog theme by Kyle Neath aimed at giving bloggers a great platform on which to customize.
I was really impressed by this theme. This one really breaks the monotonous ‘bloggy look’ that all of us are quite used to by now. All of our themes have this header, a content area, a sidebar on the right (sometimes on the left), and a footer.
Hemingway, is the first of its kind, to bring a different look to a blog.
The version is too dark in color for me (I hope for many of you) and is kind of hard to read.
So I took the original version, and threw some light onto it.
Thats why I called it ‘HemingwayBright’ .

Jump on over to WP to download it.