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WordPress Theme: Iridium

IridiumRecently, I was browsing the Forums, and saw someone selling a WordPress ready theme. It was for a musical band that decided to not use the site, and so the designer/developer was looking to sell it. I spent the money and bought the theme. I had to make a few changes, but otherwise it worked decently enough.
The theme is called Iridium. It still needs some work from someone willing to do it, and it has seen some pretty high interest on the WordPress support forums, where I have already announced it. It is probably good enough to drag and drop it into your WordPress install, and I am even willing to give away the original PSD to those interested in using it, as long as I get some credit somewhere, for releasing it to the world, and spending my own money on it.
Iridium is a two column theme, set in dark colors of black and grey with some yellow to offset it.
You can download it now from or