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WordPress Theme: K2 Reloaded

One of the best things about WordPress is how open everything is to change. It makes WordPress able to become things that it was not originally intended, and allows splits off the original project. K2 is not even out in its final form yet, and already people are changing things, and that is where K2 Reloaded comes in.

K2 is a WordPress modification-an advanced template-created by myself and Chris J Davis, created as an improved Kubrick of sorts. Some of the features in K2 Reloaded include:

  • Easy header image uploader
  • Sidebarless design.
  • Main Menu tweaks.
  • Livesearch bar in the header.
  • ALERT icon within the class.
  • A crap load of cool icons.
  • Easily customizable width. Default 640px
  • Easily spotted Author’s comments
  • Social Bookmark
  • Flickritis

Head on over to Eric Taylor’s Site to grab it.