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WordPress Theme: Neoclassical

A new theme from Chris Pearson has been released, it is a simple, three column theme with a large rotating header graphic.
Here are a few of his own words about it:

If the content of your site represents your message, then typography is the vehicle through which that message is delivered. Ironically, this is probably the most important area where most WordPress themes (and Web sites in general) fall short.
While that’s bad news for the masses, it’s actually great news for you, because I’ve got a 3-column cure for all your typographical woes-the Neoclassical Theme for WordPress.

While simplistic, there is something about the theme that really draws me into it. I had an early preview of the theme before it was even released, and I was like “I want that!”.
If you have been waiting for a simple, search engine optimized, three column WordPress theme, Chris has you covered with Neoclassical.