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WordPress Theme: Subnixus

A grey, yellow and white theme called Subnixus has been released and you can get it at

I’m proud to finally release the Subnixus theme for wordpress. This theme, which is based on the old Subnixus layout is XHTML and CSS compliant (It was tested on wordpress 1.5.2, but should work with 2.0). Simple and easy to understand, the Subnixus theme was intended to be customizable. Anyone with knowledge of how CSS works should be able to change this theme to fit their needs. Of course you could always just use it as is…

In the comments one person mentions that he had to do quite a bit of CSS hacking to get it to fit 800×600 monitors, but with probably only 5% of the people using such a resolution, don’t feel put off by the theme, if you have troubles getting it to fix 800×600.