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WordPress Theme Viewer: Not Dead?

It looks like the WordPress Theme Viewer isn’t dead, it is just still being revamped, or at least that is what the latest post on the site says called Upcoming Changes.

Just wanted to do a quick update for those wondering when you’ll be able to add new themes or update existing ones here in the directory. We’ve been working very hard on a new Subversion-backed database for themes that will allow you to upload themes as you did before, as a plain ZIP file, and we’re transparently check it into SVN so changes can be tracked just like we do for WordPress development.
There will also be moderation and review so that we can scan themes for XSS problems, malicious code, spam links, and other ways that people have been distributing malware themes. I’m sorry this has taken longer than I thought it would, but the problems involved with doing things “right” are non-trivial. Most importantly we want to ensure that once the re-launch is done you’ll have easy, fast, and stable access to the best and brightest in the theme world, and you’ll never have to think twice about the code you’re downloading.

It should be interesting, but have they waited too long in their relaunch? I guess only time will tell. I do know of a few people creating their own theme galleries, as well as others working on marketplaces for themes. While the official one might always be the biggest in terms of trust, will something else replace it in regards to traffic, themes listed, and other metrics?