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WordPress Theme: What Would Make You Pay for a Theme?

I am currently working on a paid WordPress theme system, and I was wondering what it would take for people to spend money on a WordPress theme? Does it come down to constant development and updates, support, or some killer feature?
In about a week or so, I’ll be releasing a theme that I think will surprise people, but I am already looking at future versions, and want to offer the best product possible to the WordPress community.
Why is it going to be a paid theme?
The simple fact is that if I want to provide support, continuously develop the theme, and develop a real marketing plan, the theme had to be a paid theme rather than a free one.
That doesn’t mean that I take this lightly though, as the theme will blur the line between themes and plugins. I think you’ll all be very excited.
If there is a feature your favourite theme is missing, now is the time to speak up. If it doesn’t get integrated into the one I am working on, I am sure the Blogging Pro audience is listening and some of them are amazing WordPress theme developers as well.