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WordPress Theme: Wonderwall

A new two column theme from Daily Misery in Wonderwall. It is currently in Alpha, but it looks really good.

This theme works in all major browser, namely Firefox, IE 6.0+, Safari and Opera.
Now that the good news is announced, here comes the bad news. This theme needs a couple of plugins to work, notably the custom field plugin where you can insert an image on the left side for every post. That is bad news number 1.
Bad news number 2, I will just include everything (plugins, files, css, images, psd, JS) in a zipped file, for now. I really don’t have the time to clean things up and make it a work-out-of-the-box theme right now, yet. I hope by releasing this early, people can start playing with it and who knows, some of you might actually end up doing the dirty job for me. Besides, I have a pretty decent documentation mechanism in place, as you will find out yourself :).

Check it out at Daily Misery where you can currently see it in action.