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WordPress Weekly: Episode 6

If you enjoyed listening to me in the WordPress Podcast with Charles, then you might be interested to hear me in WordPress Weekly, a fan created podcast run by Jeffro of Jeffro2pt0. I was recently in episode six, which discusses many interesting things relating to WordPress and the WordPress community.

This week on Episode 6, we finally see WordPress 2.5 feature froze which is a standard practice for all versions of WordPress. A live WP 2.5 demo site has been made available to the public in case you want to see what you have to look forward to, intros summarized stats for the stat junkies, Yahoo interviews Matt Mullenweg of and discusses a variety of topics. Movable Type does WordPress in a weird sort of way. Your WordPress Weekly Digest update and some tips on making sure that your WordPress plugin using Jquery does not conflict with other plugins using Jquery. Last but not least, some WordPress beginners lingo.

Definitely a must listen to podcast if you are interested in WordPress. Episode six runs the gamut with both beginner and advanced material. Some that was even over my head, though that’s not too hard to do.