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WordPress Weekly: Episode One This Friday

So Jeff of Jeffro2pt0 is going to be starting his own WordPress related podcast via TalkShoe starting this Friday. The show will be live, include some interesting guest co-hosts and I look forward to seeing how it plays out.
Here are some details from the post on his blog:

The first episode of WordPress weekly will cover why I and the guest hosts use WordPress. Why we chose WordPress over competing solutions. The floor will be opened on this show which means, we’re liable to discuss just about anything as it relates to WordPress or blogging.
These are the guests that are scheduled or tentatively scheduled to be on the show Friday. Ronald from the Readers Appreciation Project and Brad from Steven Hodson of might be able to make it but so far, he is still not 100% sure.

One really interesting thing about this weekly podcast is that you can listen and interact live, making the show more about you, your experiences, and questions in regards to WordPress.
Keep an eye on Jeff’s blog for more details about WordPress Weekly.