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WordPress Weekly New Co-Host: Me, David Peralty

For those that didn’t stop by WordPress Weekly last night, you missed out on an opportunity to hear me chat about WordPress in audio rather than text, as I became the new regular co-host of the WordPress Weekly podcast.
For me, it has been sort of a full-circle thing, as I used to be a regular co-host on the WordPress Podcast with Charles Stricklin, and lately, I have been the regular co-host on Jeff Chandler’s other podcast, PerfCast, and so it seemed like a great fit for me, and a chance to dive back into WordPress.
It was also really nice that my debut was interviewing an old WordPress rockstar, Scott Wallick, who I knew better as the “ guy”, but will now be guy.
I really hope you’ll all listen to the episode, and come out on Friday nights at 8pm EST from here on out to participate in the show. It is recorded live, so you can call in or leave messages in the chat room.