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WordPress: Your Wish, My Command

Bryan Veloso, of Automattic now, has asked his audience, “what do you want to see in the WordPress Admin?” Starting with the Post Screen, he is starting a series called YWMC, or Your Wish, My Command, where he takes some of what his audience says and impliments it in the WordPress admin.

Right now, Avalonstar’s admin is blank. I just stripped out the CSS for WordPress’ back-end? Why? You guessed it, I’m going to start my own study and testing to get ready for my implementation of the Shuttle Project, Atlantis. This is going to be the first in a series of posts (I promise), in which I’ll be asking for relevant opinions about each part of the administration system.

I thought they had this all figured out with Shuttle. What the heck is going on? Is he trying to come up with a better Shuttle? Or have Shuttle and Avalonstar YMMC and then mix them together for a new “Shuttle” administration panel?
Well, whatever happens, I hope to see some updates to the WordPress Admin, sometime around WordPress 2.1’s release, as I have been drooling over the Shuttle mockup images for long enough.