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If you have been annoyed at the lack of customization with your blog, or have avoided because of the lack of customization you get on your site, the crew have been working hard to fix that, and in their latest release they added the ability to add custom headers to the Connections theme.
That’s right, custom header images. You upload an image, crop it with their online photo cropping tool, and save it.

Here’s how it works: under Presentation, select the Connections theme and go to the new Custom Header Image screen. Upload a photo with the simple form. On the next screen, use the mouse to mark out the area you want to use as your header image. (Don’t worry, the width/height ratio is fixed so the picture won’t be squeezed.) When you have it just the way you like it, hit Save. You can then change the header font color for contrast and coordination. Jumping for joy is optional.

There is a possiblilty for them to add this functionality to all themes, but they want to limit it to the Connections theme for now to squash bugs, and see how well it works for users. So now to customize your blog on you have widgets to move your sidebar around and add new items, as well as this new customizable header for the Connections theme. Every month there is less and less reason to have my own WordPress install.