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If you are a blogger, you must be happy with how Automattic is finishing out the year, especially with the latest addition: Enhanced Feeds.

Up until now your feed has been fairly basic. All you got in most aggregators was the post title and the content. Simple to navigate and read, but it left you with so many questions. How do I add this post to How do I Digg it and has it been Dugg already? I wonder how many comments have been left?
Wonder no longer. Today, your feed can be supercharged with the following fine feed widgets:
1. Comment Count
2. Categories
3. Tags
4. “Add to” link
5. “Digg it!” link
6. “Stumble it!” link
Comment Count is turned on by default but you can switch all the features on or off as you please.

I think that’s a great little feature for their RSS feeds that will hopefully get RSS readers back into interacting a little more with the blogs they read in such a manner. Check out the blog for more details.