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Over on they have compiled a new features page to list all the great things that does. (I still want WordPress import/export on my blog)
A very cool page with almost too much information and links. The new features page was built in part by its users as Matt mentions in a recent post.

Remember when we asked you about your favorite features a few weeks back?
Well we’ve compiled that feedback into new feature pages meant to better reflect what the heck actually does. That page is now linked from the front page when you’re not logged in.
It’s not finished yet, but we’ve tried to fill out the various feature pages with lots of screenshots so they’re as much mini-tutorials as anything. Even if you’re a pro WordPress user, you might want to scan through just to see if there’s anything there that you might not know how to do.
Also now those of you who have trying to convince friends to move to have a little more ammo to show them what you’ve already figured out.

Very cool, but it could use some better organization and design.