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An interesting new feature has been added to that allows you to track the stats for individual posts.

Historical Post Stats

We’ve added some new features to the stats system. When you got to your blogs stats on your dashboard you’ll notice next to each of the top posts for a given day there is a “stats” [icon].
If you click on that, it will take you to the historical stats for that given post. You can see how the popularity of a post evolved over time. Most posts probably start out with lots of hits and then go down, but some may spike if you get a link from something like Digg. It will also tell you how many views total that post has gotten.

A great tool, and something I wish they could release for users at large. Automattic stats plugin/service?
More and more I wonder though what is making me stick to when I see so much development happening on the side. It is not Automattic’s fault really as they can add more features easily as they have full control over the blog, and its software.
Other than the cost associated with the CSS editing and domain, I think is what I will recommend to most people starting out. Load balanced servers, no doing software updates, no worrying about bandwidth.