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One of the things not talked about very often is the blogging tools that you can use in conjunction with your blogs, making sure you rarely, if ever, log back into their normal administration panels. One such tool is Windows Live Writer, which has recently got some praise from Matt over on the blog.

Why should you use a desktop blogging client in the first place, when the web works so darn well? Well personally I fly a lot, and WLW can work offline without an internet connection, so I can create, edit, categorize, and do everything I want to and then when I get online at home it’ll be magically synced to my WordPress. Because WLW a regular Windows program as opposed to something inside your web browser they’re able to do some pretty neat things with the interface and provide a good experience for blogging.

Check out his “full” review of the software, as well as some details about how widely used the software is on