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Home » News » October Stats October Stats made it through another month, as if anyone had any doubts, and they continue to impress with some great additions over the month, making me wonder what they are going to do in November, and December to round out what has been a banner year for them.
The most commented on change that they made in October was a noteable change to the dashboard. The mixed opinions ran rampant, but it seemed to lean to the positive side, and so it has stayed.
Again, Matt graces us with some cool statistics on the service.
October stats: 66k blogs, 69k users, switched themes 314k times, 1.57 million posts, 241k pages, 758k comments, 3,911 support requests, 329k file uploads, and around 68.2 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)
Check out the blog if you haven’t already.