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Home » News » Paid Upgrade: Unlimited Users on Private Blogs Paid Upgrade: Unlimited Users on Private Blogs

The folks at have created another premium feature for their service. If you are building a community around your private blog and 35 users/readers is not enough, you can now pay $30 a year to get unlimited users on private blogs.

The free limit of 35 users will be enough for most people but if you’re building a private site that will have a large community or you’re a large organisation buying this upgrade is the way to go.
Simply login and go to your Upgrades page where it can be purchased for $30/year.

I don’t know how to feel about this. The custom CSS upgrade allowed experimentation and something really worthwhile. What does unlimited users really add? Wasn’t it just a switch on a table in the database to go from limit 35, to no limit? And where do they get the $30 price tag? That’s a bit steep for unlimited users don’t you think? I am sure they have their reasons. In my opinion this would only be good if I could set it up to charge a small fee to enter the private blog. Hmm…