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Home » News » Riff-Raff Riff-Raff has added a feature that Blogger has had for a long while, and many people are breathing a sigh of relief: Report as Spam and Report as Mature buttons.

We just added two new buttons to the recently updated admin bar, both under “Blog Info.”
The first is “Report as Spam.” Occasionally a spam blog (or splog) makes it through our defenses and starts filling with junk. It’s hard to describe a spam blog, but you’d probably know it if you saw it. We treat these with extreme prejudice. In the past helpful community members like drmike have reported these through the feedback form when they come across them, but this button hopefully streamlines the process.
The second is “Report as Mature.” We try to keep the public areas of family-friendly, so if you come across a blog that primarily deals with adult topics you can report it using this button and someone will take a look at it to properly categorize it.

This is the start of WordPress’ anti-spam war that they will probably have to fight for a long time, but it is nice to see them put up the boxing gloves. Just remember, any site you report has to be moderated by a real human, so be kind, and only mark spam as spam.