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Against what I consider their better judgement, the folks over at have released the Snap Preview Live Anywhere plug-in into the general population.
I am not a fan of the plug-in. I think it degrades the user experience by not only adding what is basically extra javascript we don’t need, but I am the type of reader that highlights text as I go. I don’t want a bubble image of a website messing up my reading and distracting me.
If you think like me though, you have an option. Head on over to Presentation and then Extras, and just uncheck the box relating to this feature. Watch as your blog loads slightly faster, and you get a thumbs up from me.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all about having choice, and I understand that some people love the plug-in, but I hope more people turn it off, rather than keep it on. I hope to see more useful plug-ins added to over the next while.