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Big news today for those of you that have been jealous of’s statistics, they are finally a plugin for those of you hosting your WordPress blog elsewhere. Much like Akismet, the new WordPress statistics plugin called Automattic Stats has been released. It is a service based plugin, that requires a WordPress API key.
I am super excited to try this out. I haven’t just yet, as I am on my laptop in a hotel, but as soon as I am back on a real computer, I will be all over it.
Here are some details:

Installing this stats plugin is much like installing Akismet, all you need is to put in your API Key and the rest is automatic.
Once it’s running it’ll begin collecting information about your pageviews, which posts and pages are the most popular, where your traffic is coming from, and what people click on when they leave. It’ll also add a link to your dashboard which allows you to see all your stats on a single page. Less is more.
Finally, because all of the processing and collection runs on our servers and not yours, it doesn’t cause any additional load on your hosting account. In fact, it’s one of the fastest stats system, hosted or not hosted, that you can use.

This was recently announced on, but I think it deserves a post on’s blog.