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Matt forgot about’s birthday. Thankfully Lorelle remembered and wrote up a great post comemorating the event.
It does not feel like they have been around for a year now, doing their thing, but with all that has happened since it first was released, it definetly feels more mature.
Lorelle has some kind words which can’t be beat.

The first three months were definitely shaky. A toddler in diapers, moving from place to place by hanging onto the furniture of the full version of WordPress, lurched its way into the path of bloggers. The server crashed repeatedly, the interface melted, things jumped around, posts were lost, and code flew in every direction. Even loyal WordPress users and abusers were not impressed, turning up their noses – even with “free” signs hanging from every virtual wall. Yet, those who believed lined up behind and pushed and pulled it into the powerful blogging service it is today.

And at the end of Matt’s post, he lists a few interesting facts, and then some stats from the last ten days on

Created 18,329 blogs
Added 63,198 static pages
Tagged 231,267 tags on posts
Gotten 501,111 comments
Written 416,602 posts
Had 16,621,767 pageviews!

Very cool, keep up the great work Automattic.