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It looks like Matt and gang have started releasing details on their VIP program.
What does this mean? Well, if you have more than one hundred thousand page views a month, you might be getting what almost amounts to a deal.
Right from

Here’s how it works:
You create accounts, import your content, and point your DNS at us.
We load balance your site across our dozens of servers.
You can have your own domain name.
All of your administration will be over SSL, which means no one can sniff your password.
People logged in to will also be logged in on your domain, which makes it easier for them to comment and link you. (Also gives you free integration with our My Comments, Tag Surfer, and avatar features.)
Included Akismet spam protection.
Inclusion in our top lists, which can drive a great deal of traffic.
You will have the ability to edit your templates via Subversion (SVN).
You can run most plugins (that don’t modify DB tables).
There are no restrictions on ads, javascript, etc.
What do we ask in return?
A “Powered by” logo on your site.
A few standard hooks in your template for our centralized stats.
Your tags go into and point to our Tags community.
$500 to setup your site and $250 a month.

Okay, wait a second here, $500 for setup, and $250 a month, as well as a Powered by logo, giving stats access, pushing tags into their community, all so you can get on some load balanced servers? Hmm…I don’t know how I feel about this yet, but I guess for some people this would beat buying your own server.
The one thing I do notice though is that if they can get a good ten or twenty people signed up, they have money rolling in to pay atleast one of their new staff.