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Have you ever wanted to have your say about WordPress? Well, the folks at Automattic have added two ways you can now have your say: Kvetch and Ideas. They have posted about the ideas on their development blog.

is a place where you can share your wildest WordPress wishes with the world, and also vote on other people’s ideas. This allows people outside our normal circle of developers to have a direct say in what goes into the next version of WordPress. For 2.2, which comes out in late April, we will include the top voted on features, so propose something, tell your friends about it, and link it from your blog.

I think this is an interesting one as it allows you to even vote on ideas that others propose. One person has already recommended something I think is important: automated update.

This is a place where you can quickly and anonymously express whatever might disagree with you in the WordPress world. Let it all loose, but try to keep it PG rated, and we’ll show a random kvetch on the page once we get enough in the system.

Basically it amounts to anonymous complaining/criticisms, which I think might let people to say their honest feelings without worrying about too much reprisal in any form, and something I think is needed for continued growth and development of WordPress.
I also must note that both systems will probably be abused by certain people, and I hope that Matt gets some help in wading through all the garbage, or else he might just get sick of the whole idea and either pull the plug or just ignore it.
Good for Matt and team for putting these new systems in place. I can already see Ideas getting some great use, and I hope the developers are listening.