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Home » News » Going to WordPressMU? Going to WordPressMU?

It seems like interesting things are in store for the WordPress community. During WordCamp San Francisco there was a fairly unexpected and intriguing announcement during one of the presentations, which The Blog Herald talks about in a post earlier today.
Here’s a little snippet…

In his presentation, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, told the more than 700 attendees news about WordPress and its relatives under the Automattic umbrella, a form of stockholders report. He also announced that WordPress – the ORG part of WordPress – would be merged into WordPressMU.
Many, including Ozh of Planet Ozh, The Theme Lab, and Aaron Brazell were quick to announce their thoughts about the “merger of WordPress and WordPressMU,” misunderstanding the story they were getting across the live blogs and twit-stream from WordCamp San Francisco.
While I’m waiting confirmation, my understanding from Matt’s announcement is that the long time home of all things WordPress, known by many as the WordPress dot org site, will become a WordPressMU site, with nothing impacting the downloadable versions of WordPress.

Essentially, it seems as though will be moving into a WordPressMU environment, coupled with BBPress and with some BuddyPress action to seriously extend the site into the social media and community realm.
It could serve as a great large-scale testing ground for WordPressMU and BuddyPress features with such a large community already in place. Though I’m not exactly sure how everything will piece together, it sounds like it could be the start of something very interesting in the world of Definitely something to keep an eye on as things get put into place.
*UPDATE* Things are more interesting than I thought, check out the comments over on the Blog Herald post for a lot more details and comments from Matt himself on the issue