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How to Write an Engaging Blog Post

If you have a passion for your niche, it’s likely that you will have a lot of fun writing about it on a regular basis. Can you say the same for your readers, though?

Let’s take a look at practical ways to write an engaging blog post, which gradually translates to higher traffic and sales over time. Some of these tips require you to forget about conventional styling rules and embrace a much more casual approach.

Give them What They Want

This may sound obvious, but it goes beyond just writing general topics about your niche.
Keeping your website’s content fun largely depends on feeding readers with the information they seek.

For example, if your blog has over 50 articles, chances are there is one or two in particular that bring you slightly more traffic than the rest. Come up with slight variations of said topics to maximize your organic traffic and keep returning visitors happier.

BuzzSumo is another great way to find out what your niche audience wants more of, as they show you the most shared content across multiple venues and sources.

Finally, keep track of statistics through Google Analytics or any other reliable stat counter.

Write Shorter Paragraphs

The days of writing a wall of text are behind us. School books taught us that a solid paragraph needed to consist of 3-6 sentences to add real value.

Thankfully, you are now writing for the Web, not for some yawn-inducing textbook.

Keeping your paragraphs short can make your content highly digestible. People are more likely to read the next sentence because, well, it looks so short and sweet.

Your paragraphs should ideally consist of 3 sentences at most.

Be Personable

Write an Engaging Blog Post

The ability to write an engaging blog post could be approached in different ways, all depending on your audience and how your articles come across.

Some bloggers enjoy telling a good personal story within their post, using analogies and/or anecdotal details.

Others thrive by being conversational, sounding almost the same way they speak to a close friend and not getting stuck on “grammatical rules” (I am a big fan of this approach, personally).

Whatever the case may be, remember that your readers are just people. Even if you run a highly professional website, inject a little humanity to catch and retain their interest on a more personal level.

Embrace Visual Content

Sometimes we’re a bit lazy to write the next great article or simply don’t have the time. Thankfully, we now have plenty of visual alternatives that help us publish faster and keep audiences more interested.

Get in the habit of (occasionally) embedding a YouTube video to support your existing content. Also use infographics to help explain a topic a bit better. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to create these yourself (as embedding and networking with infographic owners work wonders).

Finally, general images also speak louder than words; include at least one within the article body and not just as a top or “featured” image.

Acknowledge Others in Your Niche

Sometimes we keep an article “secluded” by not mentioning anyone and only interlinking to our own existing posts.

Giving plenty of recognition to others in your field makes readers relate more to you. Why? Because many of your readers are also fans of the person being mentioned.

This gradually helps establish a better sense of trust thanks to the power of association. It also compels the reader to leave a comment simply because he, too, had read about your reference.

As a final note, also remember to include statistical data whenever possible, as people enjoy absorbing irrefutable details and analyzing statistics. This works especially well while referencing others in your niche, the way influencers like Neil Patel has practiced for years.

Your Turn:

How do you personally write an engaging blog post and keep them highly relatable? Share some additional tips so we can all benefit. Thanks!

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