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Write or Die 2 Review: The Perfect Cure for Writer’s Block

There’s one thing freelance writers and authors have in common: Sometimes we all struggle to write. We often have a general topic idea and want to have some content ready by the end of the day, but then nothing materializes.

If you haven’t yet found a solution to this mild annoyance, you should try the application responsible for helping me write hundreds of thousands of words over the years. Let’s discuss how to overcome writer’s block with the help of a neat, albeit underrated gem.

What is Write or Die 2?

Simply put, this is a writing application with a twist. On the surface, it looks like a regular text editor with some basic functions to help you write. But in reality, Write or Die 2 comes with extensive customization options to ensure that you finish writing your next blog post or book in no time.

Let’s look at some of the more prominent features in this Write or Die 2 review.

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Set a word count goal: When you first launch the program, you can set a specific amount of words up to a maximum of 3,000 (as of this writing). This is an ideal number, as writing much more than that in one sitting can ultimately burn you out, thus defeating the application’s purpose.

Set a specific timer: How long do you think it will take you to reach said word count? This is a countdown that starts running as soon as you type the very first word.

Set up a reward system: To keep you motivated, you can choose from several pleasant images pre-defined by the application, or select one from your computer. In addition, you may select from different sounds ranging from a cute purr to other pleasant noises. These rewards can be triggered after reaching a milestone set by you.

Enable a punishment system: This is where Write or Die 2 shines; if you do not meet your goal in time, you can specify from a series of alarming sounds and unpleasant imagery (such as a spider or grumpy cat).

Other punishment options will have the program delete parts of your written words if you stop writing for a specified time period. You first get a forewarning as the screen momentarily changes color, which you can disable for additional shock value.

Auto-save: One of the better features, in addition to all of the above, is that Write or Die automatically saves the work as you type to ensure you don’t ever lose it. How neat is that?

Other Features

You may also disable the backspace and the delete keys, all in the effort to keep you focused on writing with minimal editing involved. For better efficiency, you can disable the ability to pause or exit the program until your work is done.

Write or Die also stores general usage statistics and leaderboards such as the total amount of words written, the number of achieved victories, punishments, and more.

Lastly, note that Write or Die does not come with a built-in spell checker, as its job is to keep all distractions to a minimum. No problem, though; simply paste the first draft into your preferred word processor after you’re done. I also recommend you use Grammarly to make sure your final copy is error-free.

write_or_die_app (Custom)

Write or Die 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Do you wonder how to overcome writer’s block without the painful mental tips recommended by countless articles? This amusing, yet effective productivity app may just be the answer.

I have personally relied on this application for fiction stories over the years, and I admit that my motivation shoots through the roof every time. With the right options and combinations, you could potentially write an indefinite amount of articles or books with little to no excuses.

If your work requires constant pauses (research, fact-checking and statistical data) you may want to skip the program, as it might disrupt the quality of your content. That being said, Write or Die 2 is best suited for any type of creative writing including the production of fiction stories or content that does not constantly require you to switch between screens.

Write or Die 2 is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and iPad/iPhone.

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