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Writing Your Own Blog Software: Anyone Still Do That?

I have been playing around with CodeIgniter lately, and re-learning PHP. For those that are interested in picking up what I am learning, please check out Devlounge.
It has me thinking though about blogging platforms. There are so many great options out there that I wonder how often people create their own anymore? Have we come to the point where one platform or another fulfills nearly every need, and those that program their own blog software do so only to prove that they can or are people still programming their own blogging platform because there is something missing from a feature or workflow standpoint?
I have thought about programming my own blogging software, but that is only because I don’t need something very complex, and so it would be easy to write, and would allow me to learn more about programming, and not because I am necessarily missing anything by using WordPress.
If you’ve thought about, or taken on the task of making your own blogging software, let me know why in the comments below.