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Yugatech: Tips to a PR 7 Blog

Abe of Yugatech recounts how two blogs went from nothing to a pretty high Google Page Rank of 7 and 8.

During the first SEO Philippines contest last June, I created a page on that blog as some sort of non-competing entry. In just 3 months of link-building, that page shot up to PR8 with the main domain on PR5, some categories on PR6 and a PR7. It was exciting to see the results of this little experiment which still boggles me to this day. So, okay, I sold a few links on that blog, some of which amounted to as much as $160 per link. That page is now just PR7 which is still pretty high, IMO.

Here are the tips:

  • Get links from old and highly trusted domains.
  • Get site-wide links from a huge site with 150,000+ pages (a large forum perhaps).
  • Get a few deep links from relevant articles or content.
  • No massive and low-level directory submissions.
  • Avoid link exchanges, esp. from new domains.

More explanation and details over on Yugatech.