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Linkbait Roundup

Darren Rowse over on gives a few tips on how to get people to link to your blog. These tactics, sometimes called linkbaiting, don’t always work, nor should you always be using them, but from time to time, they can be very helpful.

  • Tools
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Be First
  • Scoops
  • Exposé
  • Awards
  • Lists
  • Humor
  • Make someone famous
  • Create belonging/community
  • Design
  • Rants
  • Controversy
  • Attack
  • Shock
  • Research and Statistics
  • Give something away
  • Usefulness
  • Cool Factor

Check out the reasoning behind each one of these on

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MFA Declining, MFL the New “It” Thing?

Our sister blog, TechSoapBox has put up a post regarding made for adsense sites, also known as just MFA sites, have started to be replaced by MFL sites, or made for linkbait.

A Google search for Made for Adsense incidentally has a Wikipedia entry on scraper sites as the #1 result. Definitely not a popular concept.

But MFAs are in the past. The problem is they require too much effort – sure people are still doing it and making money, but there is a better alternative now.

Made for Linkbait (MFL).

I’ve covered shortcomings of user-generated content sites like Digg before. I’ve pointed out how people quickly jump on a bandwagon without checking facts. It seems one of the first things to go with user-generated content is fact-checking.

And so we have sites that spring up overnight with some sensational headline, grab a ton of links, and then a few months later either have ads thrown all over them or are redirected to another site for SEO-benefits (after gaining a few hundred diverse links).

Reading all the sites out there on how to properly format headlines and whatnot. You would think that we would get smarter about writing, but unfortunately now it seems it is all about getting people to feel a strong emotion to get links, fame and eventually money. Definetly an interesting trend, but not one I hope to see continuing to gain ground in the world.

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The Age of Link “Earning”: Why Link Building Doesn’t Matter Anymore


Are you aggressively implementing a link building strategy in which you employ blog commenting, forum posting, online directories, and guest posting as tactics?

If so, then I suggest you throw your strategy out the window. It’s not going to work. I’m serious.

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The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization often is a difficult topic and not every blogger agrees that much time should be spend at it but too often people discussing the topic do not know what it all entails. So we sat down and created a What is SEO? infographic.

The graphic covers all basics of SEO and explains the different components of search engine optimisation: link infrastructure, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC and linkbait.

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Blog Entries We Do Not Want To See In 2010

Blogging has become a major force in the last decade and we have seen many new uses for blogs. Many of us have successfully managed to make a living from blogging and there is no doubt that blogging will stay popular in the next decade.

But as blogging continues to mature, we have also seen several ‘content trends’ over the last years and hope that these trends will disappear as soon as possible again.

‘Twitter is down’ Entries

There are two reasons why we do not want to see these entries anymore. The first one is of course because we do not want our favourite networking platform to be down too often.

But the real reason why we do not want to see these posts is because there is no news value in this kind of entry. Maybe if you are a highly frequented tech blog or social network watchdog site you can get away with it, but the general rule is: we know that Twitter is down. If Twitter’s down, we can see it on the Twitter website, read all about it on Facebook, forums and our desktop client will notify us that something went wrong. Thanks for stating the obvious and adding to the noise.

If you really need to report that Twitter is down, tweet it! Read More

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Six Apart Introduces Movable Type 5. “Borrows” WordPress Dashboard Design

As much as we love to report about the state of ‘other than WordPress blog software’ as well here at BloggingPro, we can not help but give the announcement of the newly introduced Movable Type 5 a WordPress spin. And how could we not; the announcement will be completely overshadowed by the new dashboard design of MT 5.

Seriously, Six Apart? Is it April Fools’ Day today? Read More

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