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21 Unique Blog Post Ideas to Skyrocket Your Blog’s Traffic

With over three million posts published every day, coming up with unique blog post ideas can be a challenge to say the least. Even a well-crafted piece can leave readers yawning if you only focus on a tired, repetitive formula.

Thankfully, we have compiled 21 high-quality ideas to boost your blog publishing strategy, which is sure to leave readers asking for more.

👉 As we are focusing on quality rather than quantity, you won’t find many blog post ideas that are considered too obvious or widely known. Some of these include:

  • How-to pieces
  • Listicles
  • Infographics

With that out of the way, let’s dig right in! 🦘

Contests and Giveaways

Let’s kick off our list of unique blog post ideas with free stuff.

Why? 🤔

Because everyone likes free things. This is why contests and giveaways are such great ideas for your blog, especially when done regularly. While many bloggers and companies give things away during the holiday season, you could be the one surprising followers once per month.

This content strategy is fairly known, but rarely embraced by traditional bloggers. Luckily, this means that your blog can truly stand out as a result of such scarcity.

🎯 Pro tip: Doing something regularly gets people to talk about you, which could earn you more backlinks over time. Make your gifts worthy to your audience and they’ll repay you handsomely.

Criticize or Debunk an Opinion


There’s an unspoken rule in the general blogosphere and that is to remain as polite as you possibly can. Unfortunately, this has led many to praise and support just about everything an article author states – even when something is grossly misleading.

👉 As countless opinions are published around the clock, this enables you to punch a few holes and correct any information you don’t agree with. For example:

  • Explain your stance on passive income
  • Explain why duplicate content penalties don’t exist
  • State your opinion on something your favorite blogger claimed

While risky, this is one of those unique blog post ideas that has a high potential for payoff. High-risk, high-reward is the name of the game here. If you do it tactfully, back it up with either data or at the very least sound reasoning, then you might get a big win out of it. Remember to keep the focus on the idea and not the person who wrote about it.

Go Against the Flow

👉 Similarly to criticizing and debunking, it’s perfectly okay to take a contrarian approach to a topic. Here are a few potential blog post ideas to consider:

  • Write about mistakes and blunders that a cherished person or company has made.
  • Point out some good attributes about someone or something that is generally hated.
  • Explain the many cases in which short-form content would be ideal.

You get the picture. The idea is to pay attention to what’s around you and flip it on its head. If done fairly and professionally, your audience will love you for speaking your mind.

👨‍🎓 Want to learn how to start blogging? Check out our step-by-step guide.

Review Products and Services (with Brutal Honesty)

Reviewing products and services with brutal honesty is one of the best unique blog post ideas to increase your traffic.

Okay, so reviewing products and services might not be among the most unique blog post ideas, but what is unique is people giving a brutally honest take on something. Many bloggers avoid writing anything negative depending on the niche in question.

If you look at the average marketing blog, for example, most product reviews “just happen” to consist of a glowing opinion. And the reason behind this revolves around affiliate marketing, plain and simple (there, I said it).

Do you wish to take your blog publishing strategy to a whole new level? Be brutally honest when necessary.

Don’t be afraid to point out a product’s faults or even giving it a poor final score. People will certainly appreciate the transparency and you might just grow a bigger audience over time.

Dissect a Video… or Many

The best blog post ideas often derive from existing content; your only job is to analyze it and add a personal touch in written form.

Look into popular or trending videos in your niche and discuss the topic in more detail. What is the video about? Why is it important for your audience? What can people learn from it?

Sources like YouTube and are a goldmine for these, especially if you include multiple videos within one blog post. Your long-term content strategy should revolve around multiple content types, after all.

Leverage Famous Quotes

Much like analyzing videos, your blog post idea could consist of one or several powerful quotes. This is especially useful within self-help and motivational niches, considering such quotes are abundantly available out there.

Using Martin Luther King as an example, explain how one of his quotes could be applied to the everyday reader and what lessons could be learned in the long-run. Repeat the process with other quotes depending on how long you wish the article to be.

Tell a Story

Publishing famous quotes is a unique blog post idea that can potentially lead to more backlinks.

Storytelling could be one of the most effective ideas for your blog thanks to its ability to mesmerize audiences.

Perhaps you experienced something as a child and can connect it to your latest article, or maybe you learned a valuable lesson during a trip recently…

Regardless of origin, this blog post idea has the potential to really make people fall in love with your anecdotes and experiences. This would naturally lead to higher engagement and traffic, depending on overall fan reaction.

🎯 Pro tip: Stories don’t always have to be personal. Dig up something you might have heard from a friend or even someone famous, ensuring you credit and quote the person accordingly.

Discuss Your Achievements and Failures

The average blogger enjoys providing a positive atmosphere in the form of tutorials, user guides, and other things aimed at helping others. However, let’s remember that helpfulness comes in many different shades.

One such way is by holding yourself accountable in front of the entire world. This is the reason some bloggers provide monthly income reports, as it allows them to disclose their goals, achievements and failures throughout the year.

Other people, such as fitness bloggers, routinely publish “progress pictures” while discussing how easy or tough the fitness journey has been so far.

People love personal accounts because they are very real, and that’s what makes these unique article ideas such a powerhouse for your blog.

Leverage Newsworthy Content

Leveraging newsworthy content is a good blog post idea.

I personally enjoy mixing some news into my content, as it provides the perfect balance of fact and educated opinion. This typically involves curating news content and adding your own thoughts where necessary.

Let’s say that your niche focuses on fitness and weight loss. Sources like Google News provide a gigantic list of immersive blog post ideas, as you can discuss the latest findings while retaining your blog’s voice and style.

Google News link:

Furthermore, this tactic naturally makes your article more authoritative thanks to all the reliable and interesting facts you’re including.

Acknowledge Insightful Comments

Your blog publishing strategy doesn’t have to consist entirely of traditional articles. Sometimes a great blog post idea involves the help of your fellow commenters…

If your blog receives a lot of comments, consider publishing a weekly/monthly roundup of the best ones available and perhaps throwing in your own opinions in between.

This will certainly allow you to keep the blog updated while pleasing those great people who took the time to leave a thoughtful opinion.

🎯 Pro tip: Borrow or quote comments from other blogs to supplement your blog post, all while linking to it for reference. This is a good way to build relationships with the blog in question as well as the commenter.

Consider Surveys and Polls

Conducting surveys and polls is one of the best unique blog post ideas to increase your traffic.

Unique article ideas are often a quick question away, especially when you have loyal followers to rely on.

Let’s say that you’re running a blog about freelance writing. Many newcomers will naturally have questions and concerns: How much should I charge my clients? What’s an ideal word count? How do I deal with difficult clients? What if someone refuses to pay? The list goes on and on…

Ask these questions to your existing newsletter subscribers, then compose an informative article addressing such concerns and providing your valuable input.

You may use tools like Google Forms to gather your answers with ease.

👉 Google Forms:

🎯 Pro tip: Don’t have a mailing list yet? No problem! Ask these questions on niche online communities such as Reddit and traditional forums.

Post “This Day in History” Pieces

As the above implies, these types of blog posts focus on a historical event loosely related to your niche. The beauty here is that you can dig up something interesting out of (practically) any industry.

Running a gaming blog? Explain how this day in 1984 Tetris shaped the entertainment industry. Focusing on cars? Talk about a specific model that raised the bar for all other vehicle makers. You get the idea…

Publish a Blogger Profile

A blogger profile gives you the chance to acknowledge someone you admire, be it an influencer or even an up-and-coming blogger.

Mention what they focus on, the things they have accomplished in their blogging career, the best parts about their website, and whatever else you wish to include.

This naturally increases the chances of him/her noticing you and sharing your content with his readers. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain, especially as these posts wouldn’t be very time-consuming.

Talk About Someone’s Success Story

Sharing a success story among the best unique blog post ideas to increase your traffic.

Every success story is essentially a new article idea, as you’d be acknowledging other people’s greatest accomplishments.

Think about the blogger who routinely makes a full-time income from sponsored posts or the author that made it big. These pieces will only focus on numbers, statistics and pure eye candy, which will surely motivate your readers and many may even share your content as a result.

Implement Ongoing Topic Themes

Many bloggers dedicate a day of the week to “a certain something.” For example, a weight loss blog may have a “Success Story Monday” or a “Bad Habit Tuesday” — the latter explaining how someone deviated from their weight loss plan and wish to vent about it.

These themes could attract many comments as everyone shares their own story and others can subsequently learn from one another.

This works wonders with multiple blog niches; it’s all about finding something common that your readers face on a regular basis. This blog publishing strategy not only keeps your blog feeling fresh, but it provides a greater sense of community.

Publish a Post Summary

A post summary is simply an excerpt gathered from another blogger’s article. Here you detail the main points he/she covers, then provide a link to the post in question for readers to read it in full.

Publishing a post summary allows for several benefits:

  • It provides an easy way to keep your blog updated
  • You get to acknowledge (and connect with) other bloggers in your field
  • They help keep your audience in the loop and better informed

🎯 Pro tip: This blog post idea also adds a nice mixture of short-form and long-form content for your website.

Publish a ‘Tip of the Day’

Sources like Twitter are great for posting quick tips and fun facts about any given topic. But what if you add that same fun factor to your blog on a daily or weekly basis?

Readers can wake up to a daily tip or fun fact published (or scheduled) on the front page, thus proving them with a reason to visit the blog more regularly. This can actually be quite fun, as it’s just a matter of getting creative with the most interesting tips.

Publish a Picture Post (Yes, Just Pictures)

Some of the biggest entertainment sources drive massive attention merely from images. Even if you include a short caption underneath, there’s no question that these images speak louder than words.

Some niches work better than others for this, but even a relatively serious industry can benefit with some creativity (using motivational images and inserting quotes inside them, for instance).

Find Freebies and Deals

Finding freebies and deals is one of the best unique blog post ideas to increase your traffic.

These types of blog posts work well because, again, who doesn’t like free things and special discounts? This is especially powerful in the tech and entertainment world, as it opens the doors to lots of digital goodness around the web.

A recipe blog could link to the best free cooking ebooks out there, just to give you an example.Otherwise, find hot deals and let everyone know about it — especially if you can leverage affiliate links in the process.

Talk About Goals and Lessons Learned

We all learn new lessons every day and routinely set new goals for ourselves — so why not share them with fellow readers? While these blog post ideas shouldn’t be used very often, they are definitely welcome as a monthly or yearly blog feature.

Make the blog post worthwhile by detailing exactly how you will tackle each goal. Moreover, ensure that you ask readers to participate by sharing their experiences as well.

Be Extraordinary

👉 Lastly, many of the best blog post ideas are based on something edgy, uncommon, or unbelievably helpful. Some of these may include:

  • Spending $1,000 in Facebook advertising and detailing your experience
  • Interviewing an important figure
  • Writing 5,000 words every day for a month
  • Destroying a valuable item to prove or disprove a point

It all really depends on your niche and the amount of creativity involved. Take a few hours to see what you can come up with!

Your Turn 👏

If your blog has been stagnant for a while then the worst thing is doing the same-old, same-old and never breaking out of your cocoon. The unique blog post ideas we covered here are guaranteed to breathe new life into your blog, with some of them potentially going viral based on your approach. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them and see what works and what doesn’t. May the traffic be with you.

If you appreciated these unique blog post ideas and want more guidance on improving your blog, check out our article on how to write a blog post that turns heads and our roundup of blog best practices to follow for success.


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