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How to Make Money Blogging: The A-to-Z Guide

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Blogging for Money – The Easy Way…

Although a website’s primary purpose is to build trust and awareness, these efforts ultimately serve as the main recipe to make money blogging. After all, you can’t expect anyone to hand over their money if they hardly know anything about you, correct?

Once you build a solid following through quality publishing and engagement, the money will naturally follow with the right combination of tools, services, and a solid long-term strategy.

On that note, today we will discuss the most common ways to blog for money while keeping your visitors highly engaged. This article explores several money-making methods, each broken into various subcategories you can reliably incorporate into your blog monetization strategy.

Let’s get started!

📚 Table of contents:

Advertisements 📢

Advertising is perhaps the most widely known way to make money blogging. It is also one of the easiest ones to implement, which has led to long-lasting appeal among new and established bloggers alike.

Traditional Advertising

Many people start a blog for money and survive solely from advertising (even in the age of ad blocking software). What makes traditional ads so intriguing is their low entry barrier. Most ad networks are happy to sign you up as long as you have a decent blog to show them.

  • Here are a few tips to help maximize your earnings:
  • Make sure your ads are not intrusive. One ad per page is sufficient for most bloggers and visitors.
  • The best ad placement is above the fold, which means being toward the top half of a page. This naturally increases visibility and potential earnings.
  • Experiment with multiple ad dimensions (such as banners, rectangles and even text-only ads). Every niche provides different results.

Where to look 🔎 👀

Some of the most popular platforms out there include Google AdSense, Chitika, as well as

Private (Self-hosted) Advertising

As your blog generates a healthy amount of targeted visitors, you may start selling personal ad space as a means to make money blogging throughout the year.

This is typically how it goes:

You would get in touch with a person or company that wishes to promote their property (such as a product, service, or even an article).

Then, negotiate a price for a set amount of time (for example, $150 per month for a homepage advertisement).

Finally, you are to display a banner (or any form of visible property) on the spot you two had agreed upon.

Attracting advertisers can be difficult, though.

Here are some things you can do to maximize your earnings 💰

  • Let website visitors know you are accepting advertisements. Even a simple website banner stating “Advertise here” works wonders.
  • Contact niche companies directly, especially those you have already seen advertising on other blogs.
  • Join marketplaces like BuySellAds, which helps you connect with advertisers. This marketplace makes finding prospects much easier, as they are doing much of the marketing for you.

Native Advertising

This is a newer form of advertising compared to the more traditional ways. The concept is rather interesting, and many sites are now blogging for money through this method above all others.

Native ads are typically shown inside of an article page. These are fairly related to the content you’re currently reading, and the headline reads just like a typical article. This is what makes them work so well, as they all look and feel very natural to the reader.

You might have seen some prominent examples on sources like BuzzFeed and other entertainment sites, typically accompanied by the phrase “From around the web.”

Where to look 🔎 👀

Some of the best companies for these include Outbrain and Taboola. Give it a try and see how it works for your blog!

How to make money blogging by using advertising methods

Product & Service Marketing 🛍️

Marketing products and services are immensely popular, no matter what your blogging niche and specialty is. This works best if your audience is highly targeted, as they will be more likely to purchase any given recommendation as a result.

Let’s go over some popular product and service-based marketing…

Affiliate Marketing

Aside from traditional advertising, this is probably the most common way to make money blogging among solopreneurs.

The idea involves promoting a product or a service on someone’s behalf – either a person or a company – through the use of a trackable link. You may freely insert them into your blog content, email messages, and other online venues where promotions are accepted.

Lastly, you would then receive a fixed or recurring commission once someone makes a purchase through said link. Rinse and repeat.

Affiliate marketing can generate a limitless amount of money depending on product pricing and overall demand. In fact, some of the top money making blogs make over $100,000 per month through a combination of niche products or services that fit their audience.

Where to look 🔎 👀

Look into CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) and Clickbank, as they have a massive marketplace consisting of affiliate products to match your needs.

Sell Your Own Digital Products

How do bloggers make money when no third-party product seems suitable for their audience? Easy, they simply create their own!

The selling of products and services doesn’t necessarily have to come from others. Do you have a natural skill that can be sold? If so, this provides a natural way to make money blogging while doing what you love.

Products you can create may include 💰

  • Ebooks
  • Technical guides
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Software

If you can make it, you can sell it. Moreover, you get to keep 100% of the sale as you’re cutting out the middleman (as is the case with affiliate marketing).

Sell Your Own Physical Products

Just because blogging takes place in a virtual environment doesn’t mean your products should remain intangible. In fact, many bloggers are making money blogging exclusively from physical goods and nothing more .

For example, you may buy a product locally (or overseas) and subsequently sell it for a profit. Otherwise, simply craft it from scratch and ship it to the customer.

While you can already do this on marketplaces like Amazon, selling such items from your blog can (once again) cut out the middleman and thus increase your profit margin.

Where to look 🔎 👀

Your local thrift store, and even Craigslist (consider the free section, where many things are thrown away on a daily basis).

Sponsored Content

Creating sponsored content involves the promotion of a product or service, and this is most commonly done through written or video content. The product or service is generally covered in a detailed review while naturally linking to it as an affiliate.

If doing it through less traditional means, you can instruct users to visit a specific URL containing your tracking code just the same (which works pretty well for video and audio-based content).

How to get started 🎌 🏃

Contact niche companies and websites. Let them know what kind of traffic and engagement you have and make it all about them! This can be a numbers game, which means you should contact a set amount of places on a weekly or monthly basis.

General Sponsorships

You have probably heard or read content creators state, “This has been brought to you by…” followed by a company or service. This is referred to as a sponsorship, and as you know, it has been practiced for many decades now (especially on TV and radio).

That said, you can successfully implement this very idea by suggesting a relevant product or service to your audience.

How to get started 🎌 🏃

Attracting a company to pay you may seem tough at first, but it is perfectly doable if you have a highly targeted audience (as this generally means quality visitors). And once again, don’t be afraid to go after niche companies yourself and laying out the benefits to working with you.

Sponsorships have taken the audio/video industry by storm thanks to the likes of YouTube. Why not take a piece of the pie by leveraging your audience? While you’re at it, check out our roundup of the best YouTube channels for side-hustle ideas to find other ways to make money, in addition to blogging.


As you can see, there is no shortage of unique methods when blogging for money and long-term financial independence. The following are based on providing access to certain benefits and sections on your blog…


A membership model can be a massively reliable way to make money blogging, all depending on the specific products and services you offer. Thankfully, you can create a membership portion on your blog related to just about anything – as long as there is demand for your offers.

Common membership examples include

Selling ebooks and digital tutorials: Do you have anything to distribute or to teach others? You may offer premium access to recurring guides on a weekly or monthly basis.

Audio/video guides and tutorials: Similarly to helping others in written form, you can also lend your talents in a audio/visual format.

Private forum access: Forums are generally free, but you can always charge to access special content or a very niche group that focuses on expert and professional discussions.

Specialized services and other goodies: Can you grant access to other incentives that are conveniently available from one location?

How to get started 🎌 🏃

The sky’s the limit if you wish to make money as a blogger through a membership scheme. Popular membership solutions include S2Member and MemberPress.

Job Boards

Making money from a job board can be highly reliable once it becomes popular. This is due to the fact that job seekers tend to visit regularly in search of new clients and jobs.

Here are some common ways to blog for money primarily through a job board:

Ad-supported listings

It’s free for employers to post a job listing, and free for workers to apply. However, the board would show conventional advertisements on various places (be it traditional or private ads, as previously discussed).

Charge for featured listings

In this case, most job listings are free of charge but employers must pay to “sticky them” at the top of the board. These listings generally garner more attention than the rest, and the amount of money is typically dependent on your current traffic.

Charge for every listing

You may choose to simply charge employers for every job that gets published on the job board, including non-featured listings.

Charge job seekers, not employers

This method is the least popular, but many blogs take this route depending on what’s being offered as a whole. This is often part of a membership scheme, as we recently discussed.

How to get started 🎌 🏃

There are quite a few job board plugins for WordPress, with WP Job Manager being one of the most popular. Otherwise, you can also rely on a job board theme which converts your entire website into a full-blown job portal, similar to and

Services ⚙️

Thankfully, you don’t need to rely on someone else’s property as a way of blogging for money. Here are some common examples…

Sell Your Expertise

Promote your talents on a separate “Hire me” page or (even better) on your main Contact page to attract interest parties. Typical skills and services may include:

  • Writing and editing: Are you a good researcher, writer and/or editor? Let visitors know about it!
  • Copywriting: This is vastly different than traditional writing, as it requires an influential touch to convert leads into purchasing or subscribing to any given product/service.
  • Development: Can you code or program? Perhaps you know your way around PHP, CSS, and other languages? Again, feel free to sell yourself to the masses for an attractive price.
  • Mentorship: Most bloggers have a certain skill that sets them apart. What’s yours? No matter how minor or common you think it is, there will always be someone who could really use your help.

How to get started 🎌 🏃

You can earn money on your blog by promoting such services on all primary pages (such as the homepage, your ‘contact me’ page and others).

How to make money blogging from your couch

Other Ways to Make Money Blogging 👟💳

CPA Offers

CPA stands for Cost Per Action/Acquisition, as you get paid when people perform a specific task. These are somewhat similar to affiliate links, but the traffic can be easier to convert depending on the situation at hand.

If an advertiser is looking to build an email list, they may pay you for everyone that clicks on your links and signs up to their newsletter. This means that you earn without anyone making a single purchase, which could translate to a large income in the long-run.

CPA offers can be useful in just about any niche. However, they are especially popular among entertainment and lifestyle blogs, since many of these revolve around entering contests and fun sweepstakes.

Where to look 🔎 👀

Popular CPA networks include MaxBounty and CPALead.


Lastly, donations are one of the more humble ways to make money from a blog. This isn’t really used as a means to generate big profits, but rather as a way to help maintain your blog.

Many bloggers choose to keep their website free of advertisements and deliver a superb user experience (by providing everything for free, for example). As a result, they kindly ask readers to make a one-time or recurring donation to help keep the blog alive.

You could potentially make good money as a blogger with this approach, though it really depends on how persistent you are about donations and how visitors perceive your offerings.

Where to look 🔎 👀

Popular platforms include PayPal and Patreon (with the latter being especially helpful if you provide new material on a regular basis, such as new books and tutorials).

Frequently asked questions 🙋

How much do beginner bloggers make?

The income of beginner bloggers can vary widely and depends on several factors. In the early stages, as a beginner blogger, you may earn little to no money as you focus on building your blog, creating content, and growing your audience. It’ll take you time to establish a solid online presence and implement monetization strategies.

That being said, some beginner bloggers do earn a small income within a few months through methods like display advertising or affiliate marketing. These earnings can range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars per month. However, it’s important to note that these figures are estimates, and individual results can vary significantly based on factors such as niche, content quality, audience size, and monetization efforts.

As you gain blogging experience, develop your skills, and expand your reach, your earning potential can increase significantly. With dedication, perseverance, and effective monetization strategies, you can gradually increase your blogging income over time.

How long does it take to make $500 per month blogging?

The time it takes to make $500 per month blogging depends on several factors. First, it’s important to build a solid foundation by consistently creating valuable content and growing your audience. This typically takes a few months.

Once you have a decent readership, you can explore various ways to make money blogging. These include display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or selling your products or services. It may take several months to optimize these revenue streams and reach the $500 per month mark. However, keep in mind that individual results may vary, and you may achieve this milestone sooner or later depending on your specific circumstances.

How often do you need to blog to make money?

The frequency of blogging to make money can vary depending on your goals, niche, and audience engagement. However, as a general guideline, it is advisable to publish high-quality content consistently. For most bloggers, a minimum of one to three blog posts per week can be a good starting point to maintain regular engagement with your audience and attract new visitors. Consistency in providing valuable content helps build a loyal readership and increases your chances of monetization success.

How long does it take for a blog to become successful?

The time it takes for your blog to become successful can vary and depends on several factors. There is no definitive timeline, as success can be subjective and vary from one blogger to another. However, in general, it will take time, effort, and consistency on your part to build a successful blog.

Typically, you can expect to make money blogging within several months to a year or more. During this time, it’s important for you to focus on creating high-quality content, building an engaged audience, and implementing effective marketing and promotion strategies.

Remember that your blog’s success will also depend on how well it resonates with your target audience, the competitiveness of your niche, and your ability to differentiate yourself and provide unique value.

It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that building a successful blog is a long-term endeavor. You will need to continuously learn, adapt, and refine your strategies to meet the changing demands of your audience and the online landscape.

Conclusion 🧐

So, can you make money blogging even as a newer publisher? As you can see, the answer is an absolute YES, regardless of niche and target demographic.

Granted some niches are more competitive than others, but with enough passion, persistence, and consistent effort, you can make money blogging using at least one (if not more) of the methods we discussed here.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post so you can easily come back to it as you continue to grow and look for new ways to monetize your blog.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make money blogging, check out our roundup of the best affiliate programs for bloggers, or if you don’t find one you like, then take a look at our guide on how to find affiliate programs for your blog.



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