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6 Reasons People Don’t Read Your Blog

I am sure we have all seen this happen before…

Many once-hopeful bloggers have gradually withdrawn from their website because it feels stagnant and bland. They have worked at it for months, perhaps even years, but the payoff is nowhere to be found.

What could they possibly be doing wrong? Today I would like to point out some of the most common reasons I am not visiting your blog, from a reader’s perspective, and how to get your blog noticed.

Your Content is Generic

Great content doesn’t necessarily mean long content. There is nothing wrong with publishing short-form articles, so long as the message is powerful and insanely helpful.

Focus on writing actionable material that people can actually implement in a cohesive and realistic way, as opposed to providing common sense-type advice.

Think of step-by-step procedures, examples of proven concepts, charts, statistics, explainer videos, shareable infographics and much more (sometimes many of these should be used within a single blog post).

You Are Too Inconsistent

Do you publish a new article every week? Are you consistent with your times and dates? If I visit your blog and normally find new content every Monday, I would be disappointed if suddenly there isn’t anything available for three weeks in a row.

We live a busy life. I get it, but you still have to adapt and find out how to get your blog noticed. A good way is to write ahead and actually schedule your next blog post for later, especially if you fear that you won’t have the time to maintain it due to an upcoming vacation or business trip.

Other methods involve publishing something much shorter than usual, such as a quick TED Talk video or highlighting a blog you admire with two or three paragraphs.

It Lacks Identity

Having multiple interests is fine, but your blog shouldn’t focus on so many subjects at once. Don’t mix technology with WordPress and gaming. Otherwise your audience will only identify with a tiny fraction of your overall blog content.

The few instances where the above actually works is on news-based websites, and those where multiple contributors are accepted (think of places like HubPages, for example). Otherwise, narrow down your vision and bring laser-targeted traffic for maximum interest.

You Don’t Take Social Media Seriously

how to get your blog noticed

Chances are you have several social media accounts out there including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sadly, some bloggers leave them unattended for far too long and fail to keep it interesting as a result.

While you may get the occasional interaction going, this is certainly not how to get your blog noticed and ultimately accepted by the masses. If my primary way of following you involves social media, then this obviously creates a big problem.

Take the time to share your latest articles immediately after publishing, and dedicate an hour to interact with others who follow you. Develop this habit in the same manner that you get up and brush your teeth every morning. This seemingly tedious task will become much easier to handle as a result.

Your Blog is Unappealing

This could really mean anything, but just to list a few examples: Your articles’ font is too small, perhaps your newsletter pop-ups are too intrusive, you have too many ads running, and/or your paragraphs run too long (also known as a wall of text).

Make everything easier on the eyes and people will be far more likely to come back and even subscribe to your newsletter.

It Lacks Personality

Blogs are known for being personal as opposed to having a corporate feel. Perhaps your content is too stiff, too cut and dry for people to enjoy consistently. While it might be helpful, users would relate much more if you rely on certain personality traits.

Think of being humorous, telling an engaging story, thoughtful opinions, asking your audience questions, and having your face on display for the world to see. These are only some of the many ways to transform your blog and catapult it out of obscurity.

Final Thoughts

What other ideas can you share on how to get your blog noticed? How do you personally keep your audience coming back for more? I’d love to hear from you!

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