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Movable Type Answers Critics with Pricing Remodel

Six Apart unveiled licensing changes to its popular Weblogging software, Movable Type this week.

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WordPress Plugin: HeadMeta

This plugin for WordPress gives the author an option to provide unique <link> and <meta> tags to individual posts. Specifically you can enter keywords and the
seealso tags.

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Confusing Words

One of my weaknesses is grammar. I admit it. I slept through all my grammar classes in high school and I was too afraid to take any classes involving grammar in college. While lurking on the WP-Hackers list I came across this web site that helps a writer with words that are confusing. For example, when do you use affect and effect? Or there, their, and they’re? This site is a great reference for writers, especially bloggers :)

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WordPress Plugin: SmartyPants On Demand

If you don’t want to use SmartyPants all the time because of the speed reduction then this plugin from allows WP publishers to use SmartyPants only when needed.

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BLOG:CMS 3.0.1

BLOG:CMS (formerly Nucleus XE) is a Weblog system that has all the features you can find in MT and WP, but also many other unique ones. BLOG:CMS aims to be the most complete personal publishing platform with a focus on advanced bloggers. Bloggers with high-end needs.

BLOG:CMS features include, Multiple Weblogs, Multiple Authors, Article Categories, WYSIWYG article editing, Built-in commenting system, Anti-Spam tools, FancyURLs, Drafts and Future Posts, Plugins, Bookmarklet and right-click blogging, Archives and search, Statistics, RSS and Atom syndication, Blogger & metaWeblog API, Conversion scripts, File/Image Upload, IP-banlist, Backup/Restore, CSS style switcher, Email, print, PDF your articles, Polls, Trackback, and GNU GPL License.

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WordPress Hack: Blogging Streak

This hack returns the number of months, weeks or days that you have blogged in a row. So if you have posted for eight days straight you can say something like, current posting streak: 1 week and 1 day.

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Time Magazine article on weblogging.

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WordPress Plugin: Staticize Update

Matt has updated the Staticize plugin that loads static pages for your visitors. If the content has changed then they get the updated version. This saves recourses and mySQL hits to your database. This version adds “support for dynamic non-cached sections” and Matt cleaned up the code.

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International Symposium on Online Journalism

I found a list of Symposium Research Papers on blogging from the University of Texas. Some interesting titles are Blog, Blog, Blog: Experiences with web logs in journalism classes, When the Audience is the Producer: The Art of the Collaborative Weblog, and Wikipedia as Participatory Journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource.

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WordPress Plugin: PHP Tag Within A Post

Do you frequently use quote PHP code in your WP posts? This plugin provides the ability to allow PHP code to display inside posts using <phpcode>php executable code </phpcode>.

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