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CNET Bows To The Power Of Blogs

CNET bows to the power of blogs.

CNET formally announced that it is adopting technology that enables readers to see how blogs have responded to its reporting and analysis. CNET will include TrackBack link notifications on stories on CNET News. CNET News began supporting TrackBack links in late November, but waited until now to confirm the policy with a formal announcement. TrackBack was developed by blogging software company Six Apart.

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WordPress Templates: From Beng H

Here are three WordPress 1.2 templates.

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Picasa 2 blog

The Google folks have a new blog set up to talk about Picasa, Googles free photo management software. The blog offers tips, tricks and hints on using the image software.

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Stop The Spread of Viral Link Skank Today

Link Condom site makes fun of the new nofollow attribute.

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WordPress Plugin: Post Levels

Post Levels is a WordPress plugin which allows you to restrict access to posts based upon the user level. WordPress 1.3/1.5 or greater required.

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Blogging In The News

Academics give lessons on blogs. Blogs are increasingly being used by academics and students.

Blogging Website Brings Family and Friends Together
Parents, particularly rookie ones, often find themselves a rudderless ship when it comes to knowing what to do with babies. Baby is fed, warm and dry, and yet he’s still crying. Why? These are the kinds of problems that parents can share and relate to through a new Web site called Webmaster Rodney Urbaniak and his wife, Heather, created as a means for parents to have a community in which to blog, discuss issues and share tips.

Senators trying new communications tool: Blogs

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Pro-Bloggers Association

The Pro-Bloggers Association now has a website, albeit a temporary one. The PBA is an organization of professional bloggers and consultants that is working to get the development and writing of blogs the professional recognition and respect it deserves. They are also committed to developing ethical standards for this growing career opportunity.

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Google: “You are either with us, or with the spammers”

Christopher Baus has an interesting take on the google=”nofollow” debate. He points out that bloggers do all the right things to rank high in search results. Bloggers create fresh content on a regular basis and are active participants in the blogs of others, creating a massive link structure.

For instance if you search for Russell, Russell Beatie is the number 2 result. That might not be a shock to regular tech blog readers, but I suspect if you ask an average person on the street if they knew of Russell Crow or Russell Beatie, I don’t think our favorite wireless maven would get many nods. But there is he is, number 2.

What if Google uses nofollow to determine if a web page is a blog? They could use nofollow to make your blog less relevant. If that is the case, they got the whole blogging community to agree to their plan to make themselves less relevant, by employing a tactic straight out of the Bush administration’s play book.

I’m not sure I agree with Chris but it is an interesting theory.

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Pivot Adds “Nofollow” Support

Pivot, the web-based blogging tool which is released under the GPL has added support for the new rel=”nofollow” attribute. Fortunately they have made the use of the nofollow attribute an option. I would hope that all blogging software developers would follow suit.

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Improve Search Engine Rankings

How To Create Blog Success : Improve Search Engine Rankings is the latest article from How To Blog For Fun & Profit. The article presents some ideas on how to create blog content that will improve traffic and rankings for your blog. High ranking content can be simplified through these simple key points that you may want to keep in mind as you blog.

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